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Tyler Joseph falls off piano during performance

“DID YOU SEE THAT OVER THERE??” Twenty One Pilots recently got play Hangout Festival in Alabama and I’m thinking somebody told Tyler Joseph to ‘break a leg’.LUCKILY he did not break a leg, but he did take a pretty epic fall. He still finished the line!! SAVAGE.

Guy plays Red Hot Chili Peppers Song with a chili pepper

This is Davide Biale and he is known on YouTube for taking on the musical challenges given to him and his bass guitar by fans. Most recently, he was asked to take on some of Flea’s bass lines from Red Hot Chili Peppers songs using the actual vegetable. And he killed it. I don’t have much else to say about this video because it pretty speaks for itself.

Fall Out Boy plays with puppies, answer questions

In all their brilliance, Buzzfeed decided that an interview with Fall Out Boy about the new album and tour would be pretty boring without PUPPIES! The adoptable pups joined Pete and Patrick as they gave us all kinds of insight, particularly about the unique ‘sound’ of the new single explaining ‘ the record is not going to sound like Young and Menace’ and that they don’t feel anything they do should fall into a specific ‘style’. They also answered lots of random questions like early 2000s fashion regrets, weirdest gifts from fans, favorite song you’ve written etc. But of course “it’s really hard to focus with baby animals around” so their answers are random and interrupted by many giggles.

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