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Jeopardy contestant says he would spend grand prize on Taco Bell, gets $500 Taco Bell gift card

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Crunchwraps? Mexican Pizzas? Baja Blast?!

There are lots of reasons to love Taco Bell but would you use $100,000 to secure a lifetime supply? Georgia Tech freshman, Rishab Jain would. On a recent college edition episode of Jeopardy, Jain told host Alex Trebek that he would spend the $100,000 grand prize on a lifetime supply of Taco Bell.

Hey @tacobell, would 100,000 #TripleMeltBurritos be enough to last Rishab a lifetime? — Jeopardy! (@Jeopardy) April 18, 2018

Now unfortunately Rishab did not take home the grand prize and get his lifetime supple, but Taco Bell still decided to hook it up for me. According to,  Taco Bell reps caught wind of the episode and decided to send him a $500 gift card. JEAAALOOUS.

College can feel like a lifetime. We'll help you get through it, Rishab. — Taco Bell (@tacobell) April 20, 2018

Foo Fighters fan absolutely kills ‘Monkey Wrench’ on stage, leaves Dave Grohl shocked

Talk about a rock and roll dream come true!! Yayo Sanchez, better known by the internet and Foo Fighters as ‘Kiss Guy’ was picked out from the crowd by Dave Grohl at show in Texas recently.

Once on stage, Grohl (reluctantly at first) hands over his guitar and let’s Sanchez perform ‘Monkey Wrench’. Dave and the band are CLEARLY blown away when Sanchez starts rocking out all over the stage and absolutely kills the song!!!

Anybody hoping something rad like this happens in Tampa tonight?!

Here’s Sanchez before the show.