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Posted: June 25, 2015

Texas woman blinded by flesh-eating bacteria during mud run


By Zach Dennis

The Palm Beach Post


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A Texas woman took part in a mud run and wound up blind in one eye. Why? Flesh-eating bacteria.

Brittany Williams lost vision in one eye after muddy debris hit the eye and caused a cut that allowed flesh-eating bacteria to enter and destroy her cornea.

"My eye started hurting, like maybe I've got mud or some debris in there," Williams told KTVT. "When I opened my eye, it was just like white. The whole room was white."

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The flesh-eating bacteria she contracted, known as necrotizing fasciitis, "is a bacterial skin infection that enters the body through a wound such as a cut, scrape or bite," according to CBS.

Williams spent a week in the hospital, piling up $100,000 in medical bills. Her family started a GoFundMe page that is helping defray the costs.

This isn’t the first case of flesh-eating bacteria that has caused harm to someone in the past few weeks. It was revealed that a woman in Georgia being treated for flesh-eating bacteria slipped into a coma for 11 days. A Florida man contracted flesh-eating bacteria while fishing, which landed him in the hospital. Florida has also warned of the dangers of a more rare type of flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus, which thrives in warm water. 

Read more at KTVT.

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