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Posted: March 08, 2017

Popular LuLaRoe leggings criticized for tears, holes

File photo (wild_cherry_1228/Flickr/Public Domain)
File photo (wild_cherry_1228/Flickr/Public Domain)

By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Direct sales giant LuLaRoe is getting complaints about one of its most popular products: leggings.

The women's retailer is dealing with unhappy customers who are taking to Facebook and other social media sites to complain not only about the quality of its leggings, but also the inconsistent sizing.

LuLaRoe has made its name through social media and Facebook pages set up by its "independent fashion retailers," who sell the products to their friends and social media contacts.

The leggings, which the company boasts as "ultra stretchy and super soft," are now the focus of online complaints that the pants are ripping and developing holes after a few hours of wearing.

One customer told "The Today Show" that the leggings "disintegrated within two hours of wear."

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Another said the shirts and dresses from the company were fine, but all her leggings have holes.

But it's not only holes developing in the pants that are upsetting customers. Some can't figure out what size to order, claiming that there's no consistency.

Lisa Barretta told "The Today Show" that she wore 2XL in one style, but medium in another.

The LuLaRoe sizing chart notes that "sizes may vary depending on fabric."

"You almost have to order and pray for the best," Barretta said.

A Facebook group dedicated to complaints about the product grew from 1,400 members to more than 15,000 in two weeks.

The sellers themselves, not the company, are having to make good on the ripped pants.

"We were encouraged to replace, not refund, any damaged items," said a former seller who would not release her name. She claimed that she tried to contact LuLaRoe and could not get an answer from the company.

Business Insider obtained a copy of an email from the company to its sellers that admits that the leggings might be prone to holes "because we weaken the fibers to make them buttery soft."

"We have done all we can to fix them," Patrick Winget, LuLaRoe's head of production, said in the email.

But the company told Business Insider in a statement that it will stand behind its products and is taking the complaints seriously.

"By and large, consumers love our products. We encourage our independent retailers to remind their customers that they can contact them to help facilitate an immediate exchange or full refund if they are unsatisfied with their product," the statement read.

Despite the statement from LuLaRoe, the company's support Twitter page is being inundated with images and complaints about the leggings.


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