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Posted: February 23, 2014

Family says it found dead rat inside birthday cake


By Collin Ruane

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​A New York man’s 96th birthday was ruined after he reportedly found a dead rat baked into his birthday cake. We want to warn you, some of the video you’re about to see is a little gross.

WABC reports Joe Valente first complained about his cake when he said it didn't taste right. Then, when he and his family cut open the cake, they reportedly noticed what looked like black mold. 

But it only gets worse, and more disgusting, from here.

The New York Daily News reports after looking further through the cake, family members say they discovered a rat tail and even parts of a rat's dead body baked inside.

The New York Post adds the tail was also apparently bleeding into the cake. Valente reportedly suffered from stomach pains and diarrhea after eating some of it.

News 12 Long Island reports a family attorney has asked for state officials to investigate exactly what happened at the store that sold the bad cake. The attorney argues the King Kullen bakery was negligent.

King Kullen's spokesman says the store has removed all the German apple ring cakes and that all of the chain's bakeries have since been inspected.

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