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Bus catches fire near New Jersey entrance to Lincoln Tunnel

A commuter bus traveling from Washington, D.C., to New York caught fire late Sunday near the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, reported.

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“You can feel the heat,” a person in a car driving past the blaze said in a YouTube video published Monday. 

According to the New Jersey State Police, the bus caught fire around 9:30 p.m., reported. All the passengers escaped safely, authorities said.

Charlotte Young-Foye, a passenger on the bus, told the bus had blown a tire before bursting into flames.

"Woke up this morning feeling extremely grateful after experiencing a horrific fire on the Peter Pan Bus," Young-Foye, of Brooklyn, wrote on Facebook.

“One of the scariest things I’ve ever seen… a bus being completely engulfed by flames and literally melting from the heat,” Jason Gellman wrote on Twitter

The fire occurred in an area where lanes have been closed because of construction, WPIX reported.

Lanes were closed for more than an hour. At 10:40 p.m., police opened one left lane, and all lanes had reopened by 1 a.m., reported

Couple finds prehistoric megalodon tooth on North Carolina beach

A couple out for a stroll last week along Wrightsville Beach came across something much more exciting than the typical seashell or sea glass.

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Sydney Williams found a megalodon tooth as she walked on the beach last Tuesday morning, WECT reported.

The megalodon was a prehistoric shark, and the tooth could be 2.6 million years old.

Williams said she and her boyfriend, Brian Piccirilli, take walks on the beach most mornings, but have never found anything like this.

“Well, (Brian) dropped down to his knees and was just kind of like, ‘Ahhhh!’” Williams said.

“We called our parents. They were excited,” Piccirilli said. “And then showed everyone at work.”

The couple brought the megalodon tooth to their friend, Audrey Longtin, who works at The Workshop, a store that specializes in shark tooth jewelry. Longtin was able to confirm that the tooth had belonged to a megalodon.

“As soon as a tooth is over 3 1/2 to 4 inches long, you know it’s a megalodon,” Longtin said. “The megalodon is the biggest predator that ever existed, so they are the biggest teeth you can find. So, when you find something that big, it’s easy to recognize.”

The tooth Williams and Piccirilli found is about 4 inches long.

Williams and Piccirilli plan to keep the tooth and show it off in a shadow box.

Texas shooting: 2 dead, including suspect, after employee opens fire at food warehouse, police say

A woman opened fire on her co-workers during an overnight shift at a food warehouse in Texas early Monday, killing one person and injuring another.

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Authorities said the suspect also died after getting into a shootout with a responding officer, but it was not immediately clear if she was killed by a police bullet or a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Update 2:05 p.m. EDT Aug. 20: Authorities have identified the person killed Monday morning in a workplace shooting at the Ben E. Keith Foods facility in Missouri City as overnight manager Francisco Reyes, KPRC-TV reported.

The suspected shooter was identified as Kristine Peralez, according to the news station. A third person suffered a gunshot wound to his leg.

Authorities are investigating social media posts Peralez made before Monday’s shooting, Missouri City Police Chief Mike Berezin said Monday at a news conference. The Dallas Morning News reported they were also looking into comments she made to colleagues before the attack.

“I think (she) actually may have spelled that out for us,” Missouri City police Capt. Paul Poulton told the Morning News.

Update 9:20 a.m. EDT Aug. 20: Authorities told KTRK the woman suspected of opening fire at the Ben E. Keith Foods facility in Missouri City was an employee who starting shooting just before 2:30 a.m. Monday in the facility’s warehouse. At the time, between 20 and 25 people were working in the warehouse, Missouri City Police Chief Mike Berezin said Monday at a news conference.

Berezin said the shooting took place during an overnight shift. Two employees were shot, one fatally, according to KTRK. The surviving victim suffered a gunshot wound to his leg, the news station reported.

Berezin declined to identify the victims or suspect in the case or confirm reports from KTRK and KHOU that the slain victim was an overnight manager at the facility.

An officer confronted the shooter outside the warehouse Monday morning and fired at least one shot at the woman, but it was not immediately clear if the bullet hit her. 

“Whether or not the shooter was actually hit by one of the officer's bullets or whether it was self-inflicted, we don't know at this point,” Berezin said. 

The officer was not injured.

“The officer is doing very well right now, considering the circumstances,” Berezin said.

Authorities continue to investigate.

Original report: According to KHOU, police said a woman fired shots before 3 a.m. CDT at the Ben E. Keith Foods facility in Missouri City, killing one person at the scene. Another person was injured and is being treated at a nearby hospital.

KHOU reported that the shooter “suffered a gunshot wound when she was confronted by police outside the facility,” authorities said. Officers didn’t know whether she was hurt while exchanging gunfire with police or if she shot herself. She was taken to the hospital, where she died, police said.

Read more here.

Woman kicked Pomeranian in head, dog had to be euthanized, police said

A small dog is suffering head trauma after a Memphis woman kicked it in the head.

Investigators responded to a cruelty to animals call at the Memphis Pet Emergency Hospital on August 19.

Officers were told by the veterinarian that Aungelique Smith brought a Pomeranian dog suffering from head trauma to the hospital.

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MPD said Smith “spontaneously” told uniform officers that she was upset this morning about unspecified issues and kicked the dog after she saw the dog peeing in the hallway.

Police say the dog suffered a head laceration, trauma to the head, and was actively having seizures upon arrival to the hospital.

The injury resulted to the dog having to be euthanized due to a brain injury.

Police took Smith into custody and transported her the Raines police station for further investigation.

She then gave a written statement admitting to kicking the dog in the head, causing it to hit its head on the wall.

Smith was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, then transported Jail East.

Drugs hidden in cappuccino maker at convenience store, police say

Exclusive police body camera video shows a raid at a local gas station.

Investigators said people were dealing drugs.

Police said they even found some of the drugs hidden in a cappuccino machine.

Atlanta police charged into the Chevron on Lakewood Way in southeast Atlanta with guns drawn. Officer Kensley Gachette was there, on Aug. 9.

“Because of all the violence and all the drugs that was coming out of this location, it was a very big focus," Gachette said.

We reported in July there were three shootings in just four months at the gas station. In the body cam video we obtained, officers are seen handcuffing men working at the store and there's marijuana on the counter.

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“We also found some crack, some MDMA. The owners were complicit in allowing that to happen,” said Gachette. 

A search of the man's pants reveals a hidden baggie of suspected drugs. Concerned neighbors, plus several hundred stops by the chevron this year, gave police the intel they needed before the raid.

“We saw they kept the drugs in the shelves, in the potato chips, in the cappuccino machine," Gachette said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Georgia Lottery teamed up on the raid. They said they discovered illegal cash payouts, illegal alcohol sales, and outdated food on the shelves.

Police said they’re proud of the out-of-the-box thinking that led to the collaboration and ultimately the Chevron closing.

"They have been diligent, and they have been persistent, and we finally got the community what they deserve," Gachette said.

Nun wows crowd with 'perfect pitch' at White Sox game

Sister Mary Jo Sobiek made quite the impression on baseball fans at a White Sox game in Chicago over the weekend.

WLS reported that, at the Sox game against the Kansas City Royals, the nun, who is with Marian Catholic High School, bounced the ball off her bicep before prepping to throw the honorary first pitch.

She delivered strike to White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito, who was impressed.

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“That was awesome,” Giolito told WLS after the game. “She had a whole routine. She had it planned out. I was just lucky to be back there. She threw a perfect pitch.”

As for her bicep move, Sister Mary Jo said it was to relax her nerves.

“I had to do something to take my mind off it,” she told WLS. “It’s too awkward to just stand and throw from the jump and I had to just do something to put me in motion.”

She also decided to pitch from the top of the mound rather than closer to the plate.

“As an athlete, you gotta be all in, and I knew that my coaches and my teammates, when they saw that, they would be like, ‘You gotta do the real thing,’ and it's all or nothing,” she said. “I had to do it from the top.”

Sister Mary Jo said she was chosen for the honor at the game, where Marian Catholic was celebrating its 60th anniversary, because of her athleticism.

“I had a little bit of athletic ability,” she said. “I was probably the most likely candidate, because of my youth and my agility.”

The Sox lost to the Royals 3-1, but the impression Sister Mary Jo left on the crowd beforehand remained.

“She was pretty good, actually,” White Sox manager Rick Renteria said. “We talked to her a little bit but before we were talking to her, she was talking to someone and she wanted to warm up. She had a mitt and a ball. She gave him the mitt. She stepped back at about 45 feet and threw a bullet.”

Two baaaaad goats delay New York City train service

Ewe won’t believe this, but New York City commuters were treated to the sight of two goats on the loose on outdoor railroad tracks Monday morning, The New York Daily News reported.

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“A new one for us (we think),” NYC Transit tweeted shortly before 11:30 a.m.

The goats delayed commuter trains in Brooklyn, the Daily News reported. Several trains had to be diverted, the newspaper reported.

The goats were finally removed safely by the New York Police Department, NYC Transit tweeted, noting earlier that they were “Two very baaaaad boys.”

Who is Bruce Ohr: What we know about the man Trump is texting about

 Last week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Donald Trump was revoking the security clearance of former CIA chief John Brennan and was considering revoking several others over national security concerns.

One of the other security clearances Trump was said to be considering revoking was that of Bruce Ohr, a Department of Justice employee.

>>Trump revokes former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance

Who is Ohr and why is he on the president’s list? Here’s a look at how Ohr fits into the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and has drawn Trump’s ire.

First, some background.

In 2015, the conservative website the Washington Beacon hired a company called Fusion GPS to investigate Trump after he announced he was running for president.

Fusion GPS is a commercial research firm started by a group of former Wall Street Journal reporters.

Fusion GPS hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to do that work, and Steele eventually produced a dossier on Trump. Steele claimed that in addition to salacious situations that Trump had supposedly engaged in, the then-candidate also had ties to various Russian businessmen and officials in the Russian government.

Once Trump appeared to be a certainty for the Republican nomination for president, Fusion GPS’ assignment for the Beacon ended, but in April 2016, the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired Fusion to continue that investigation into Trump’s dealings. In the summer of 2016, Steele took his dossier to the FBI. The FBI began an investigation into possible Russian meddling in the election on July 31, 2016.

How does Ohr figure into the story? 

Ohr knew Steele and had discussions with him about the dossier. Ohr discussed what Steele had told him about Trump with people at Fusion GPS, according to The Washington Post. Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson, testified before the House Intelligence Committee in November that both he and Steele had known Ohr previously. Simpson said he knew Ohr through organized crime conferences Ohr held when he was in charge of that unit at the DOJ.

Simpson also testified before the House Intelligence Committee, that Steele suggested he speak to Ohr after the “very surprising” victory by Trump.

“It was not clear to us whether anyone at a high level of government was aware of the information that Chris had gathered and provided to the FBI,” Simpson told legislators. “Chris suggested I give some information to Bruce, give him the background to all this.”

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress that Ohr "gave the FBI documents, which included material that I believe originated from Mr. Steele."Strzok was fired from the FBI earlier this month after it was discovered that he exchanged text messages disparaging the president while he was heading up an investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS, and was involved in gathering information on Trump.

How did Ohr’s name become public? Ohr was named in a memo prepared by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee headed by Rep. Devin Nunes, (R-California). The memo claims that Ohr misled a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court that had been asked to issue a warrant to monitor Carter Page, a Trump campaign operative. He misled them, Republicans say, by not disclosing what he knew about Steele.

The Post reported, however, that Ohr “is not thought to have played a direct role in obtaining or renewing the warrant to monitor Page.”

“Mr. Ohr is a career employee of the department. He was there when I arrived. To my knowledge, he wasn't working on the Russia matter,” Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein told the House Intelligence Committee in June. “When we learned of the relevant information, we arranged to transfer Mr. Ohr to a different office.”

The FBI interviewed Ohr about his interactions with Steele. Those interviews are classified.

What did the memo say about Ohr?

According to the memo, Ohr and Steele communicated with each other both before and after Steele became an FBI source. Steele told Ohr that he was "desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president." The memo claimed that while Ohr recorded Steele’s bias toward Trump, that information was “not reflected in any of the Page FISA applications.” 

>>What is a FISA warrant?

According to the memo, Ohr "later provided the FBI with all of his wife's opposition research,” which was funded by the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.

Ohr also said he and his wife’s relationship with Steele and Fusion were "inexplicably concealed" from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the memo said.

How is his wife Nellie involved?

Nellie Ohr a former professor at Vassar College who became an independent research contractor working on projects having to do with Russian technology.

Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election. According to Simpson in a court filing last year, Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion on "research and analysis of Mr. Trump.”

What happens next?

Ohr, who was demoted from his job after it was discovered that he had communicated with Steele, is set for a closed-door hearing with the House Judiciary Committee on Aug. 28. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Virginia), chairman of the committee says he wants to talk to Nellie Ohr, as well. 

Alligator attacks, kills woman walking her dog on South Carolina's Hilton Head Island, deputies say

A woman died Monday morning after apparently being attacked by an alligator while walking her dog near a lagoon on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

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Deputies were called around 9:30 a.m. Monday to respond to a report of an alligator attacking a woman at a lagoon off Wood Duck Road in the Sea Pines Plantation community, officials said.

Authorities said they recovered a woman’s body from the lagoon shortly after they arrived on the scene.

>> On Victim dies from apparent alligator attack on Hilton Head Island, officials say

In a letter to residents, the Sea Pines Community Services Association said a person was found dead Monday morning in a lagoon near the Club Course area of Sea Pines.

David Lucas, of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, told ABC News that a maintenance worker saw the attack. Deputies said witnesses reported that the woman was walking her dog near the lagoon when an alligator attacked and pulled her into the water.

“They were able to get her out of the water and she was still alive, but she died at the scene,” Lucas told ABC News.

Authorities were searching Monday morning for the alligator, which was described as 8 feet long.

Officials are awaiting the results of an autopsy to confirm the woman’s cause of death. Deputies said the woman’s dog was not injured.

Lucas told the Island Packet that alligator attacks are "exceedingly rare" and warned that anyone who sees an alligator approaching should walk backward, away from it.

Man, 72, angered by loud music waves gun at high school dance

A 72-year-old Arizona man is accused of bringing a gun to a high school dance because he was upset about the loud music, KNXV reported.

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Robert Layton was arrested Friday night after he appeared at the dance in the parking lot of Thatcher High School, where 150 students had assembled, and waved a 9mm handgun and assaulted a staff member, The Arizona Republic reported.

The incident happened about 11:45 p.m., Thatcher police Chief Shaffen Woods said. 

Layton told officers he was upset about the loud music and wanted to shut it down, KNXV reported.

Witnesses told police that Layton was wrestled to the ground by the disc jockey who was playing the music, the television station reported.

Layton was arrested and taken to a hospital to treat minor injuries, the Republic reported. He was to be booked into the Graham County Jail after he was evaluated, police said.

Shanann Watts, 2 daughters likely strangled, records show

A pregnant Colorado woman and her two young daughters may have been strangled, according to court documents filed by the defense team for the husband and father accused of killing his entire family

Christopher Lee Watts, 33, of Frederick, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of tampering with physical evidence, for allegedly hiding the bodies of his wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their daughters, Bella Watts, 4, and Celeste Watts, 3. The mother and daughters were reported missing Monday when a friend of Shanann Watts could not reach her. 

The Coloradoan reported that formal charges against Chris Watts are expected to be filed today.

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9News in Denver reported Friday that motions filed by defense attorney James Merson offered a glimpse into some of the details of the slayings. In one motion filed in Weld County, Merson indicated he’d spoken to a DNA expert, Richard Eikelenboom.

Eikelenboom told Merson in the filing that “even though the bodies of two of the decedents have been in an oil well filled with crude oil for several days, DNA would still be present,” the news station reported

Bella and Celeste Watts’ bodies were found hidden inside oil or gas tanks on the property of Anadarko Petroleum Corp., which employed Chris Watts until his arrest. The company said in a statement last week that he was fired Wednesday. 

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Eikelenboom wrote in an email to Merson that it was his “expert opinion that DNA evidence would remain on the necks of the decedent children, in spite of the fact that the remains were in oil for four days,” the court records said. “In my opinion, the presence of oil will not destroy the DNA.”

The Coloradoan reported that Merson’s motions focused on having the pathologist swab the children’s necks for DNA during their autopsies, which were scheduled for Friday. He also asked in the motion that DNA samples be taken from Shanann Watts hands and fingernails, along with the fingernails of the couple’s children, the newspaper reported. 

Merson also requested that Eikelenboom be present during the autopsies. 

The Coloradoan reported Sunday that a judge denied Merson’s requests for DNA swabs, saying he would not tell the medical examiner’s office how to do its job. The newspaper also reported that the autopsies were completed Friday, but the cause of the victims’ deaths have not been made public. 

Additional court documents obtained Saturday by 9News indicated that Shanann Watts, who was about 15-weeks pregnant when she died, was found buried in a shallow grave near the tanks where her daughters were dumped. Those details were unveiled in a court filing by Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke, who was responding to the motions filed by Merson. 

“The body of defendant’s wife was located earlier this morning after being recovered from a shallow grave near an oil tank,” prosecutors wrote in the motion filed late Thursday. “Later this afternoon, law enforcement recovered the bodies of defendant’s two daughters from inside oil tanks located near the grave of their mother. The Weld County coroner has informed the prosecution that time is of the essence in conducting the autopsies, especially for the children given the period of time their bodies were submerged in oil.”

>> Related story: Colorado man who pleaded for return of missing wife, daughters arrested in deaths

Shanann Watts and her daughters were reported missing last Monday, Aug. 13, when a friend of hers went to the Watts home and they were not there. That friend, Nickole Atkinson, told ABC News that she dropped Shanann off at the Watts home around 2 a.m. that morning, following a business trip. 

She was supposed to pick her friend up again later that day, but when she arrived at the house around noon, Shanann and the girls were gone. Police later determined that Shanann Watts’ vehicle and purse were at the house, as were medications for the children. 

Atkinson told ABC News that she “didn’t want to think the worst,” but felt that something was amiss because Chris Watts seemed unconcerned that his pregnant wife and young daughters were missing.

“He was just sitting there waiting for something to happen; it just didn’t seem right to me,” Atkinson told the news agency

Chris Watts gave an interview to 9News the day before his arrest. See his entire interview below.

Atkinson said she was not shocked when Chris Watts was arrested, but said she did not know of any trouble in the marriage until the day her friend disappeared. She told ABC News that Chris Watts suggested that day that his wife had left him. 

“When I called him and asked him where she was, that’s when he told me and I basically told him that that wasn’t my (concern) at that particular moment, because it wasn’t, and that their business was their business, that they would either work it out or they wouldn’t,” Atkinson said

Chris Watts spoke out the day before his arrest in an interview with 9News, in which he described the situation as “a nightmare that (he) just (couldn’t) wake up from.” 

The young father also addressed those who might think he had a hand in his family’s disappearance.

“Everybody’s going to have their own opinion on anything like this,” Watts said. “I just want people to know that I want my family back. I want them safe and I want them here. This house is not the same.”

Less than 24 hours later, Watts was in custody. A law enforcement source told 9News that Watts confessed to killing his wife and children. 

No suspected motive has been made public by investigators. 

Lucky number: Vegas chapel performed 70 weddings on 8-18-18 

Numerologists love palindromes, and Aug. 18, 2018 -- 8-18-18 -- is the kind of date that is considered lucky to get married, KLAS reported.

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On Saturday, at least 70 weddings and vow renewals occurred at Chapel of the Flowers on 1717 Las Vegas Boulevard  to commemorate the date. 

Couples from around the world traveled to the Las Vegas chapel, KLAS reported. Because of the date’s numerical order, it is easy to recall the anniversary date in the coming years, the television station reported.

The number “8” is also representative of the infinity symbol, KLAS reported.

The next palindrome date will be Sept. 19, 2019, or 9-19-19.

Mark your calendars.

PepsiCo buys SodaStream in $3.2 billion deal

Beverage and snack giant PepsiCo has agreed to buy in-home carbonated beverage company SodaStream in a deal worth $3.2 billion, the companies announced Monday.

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PepsiCo will pay $144 a share -- a 32 percent premium on the 30-day volume weighted average price -- to acquire the Tel Aviv-based company that makes a device that allows users to carbonate beverages at home.

"We get to play in a business -- home beverages -- where we don't play," PepsiCo CFO Hugh Johnston told CNBC.

The deal increases SodaStream’s presence globally. The carbonated beverage device is sold in 45 countries and distributed in 80,000 retail stores, CNBC reported.

“It is validation of our mission to bring healthy, convenient and environmentally friendly beverage solutions to consumers around the world,” SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said in a release. “We are honored to be chosen as PepsiCo's beachhead for at home preparation to empower consumers around the world with additional choices.”

Birnbaum will remain with the company after the deal closes in January. The deal is still subject to shareholder vote and regulatory approvals.

Football scrimmage becomes dream play for student with cerebral palsy

A student in Nebraska had a dream come true when he was able to take a football into the end zone for a touchdown.

Jared Fredericks has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

But Fredericks and his assistant, Bryce Harrington, didn’t let that stop the student from scoring during a scrimmage last week, USA Today reported.

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Harrington positioned Fredericks in the backfield. A teammate handed Fredericks the ball after the snap, and Harrington pushed Fredericks through all the defensemen to the end zone.

The crowd chanted “Jared! Jared!” as he got closer. His teammates cheered for him as he scored the touchdown, USA Today reported.

Grand Island Northwest’s coach, Kevin Stein, came up with the idea to have Fredericks score the team’s final scrimmage touchdown, USA Today reported

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Video shows Michigan man tased while holding baby

Michigan police said they will open an internal investigation after a man was Tasered while holding his 2-month-old baby, WWJ reported.

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A video that went viral on Facebook appears to show a Westland police officer using a stun gun on the man Friday night at a home where people were having a barbecue, WXYZ reported.

Police are disputing the claim by Nicole Skidmore, the mother of the infant, who said she had to catch the baby boy after his father was shocked with a Taser, WWJ reported. The video, which police said was shot by a neighbor, shows the infant was being held by both parents when the incident occurred, the radio station reported.

According to police, the man, identified as Ray Brown, was wanted on a number of outstanding warrants. When he saw the officers, Brown grabbed the baby and refused to let go, police alleged. 

"The man refused to release the child back to the mother who was also asking for the child back," the Westland Police Department said in a statement. "At that time the police officers on scene felt that a close quarters direct Taser deployment directly to the subject’s back was the safest option. The video shows that during the deployment the child was also in the hands of the mother."

“We were just barbecuing, and we saw the cops come up,” neighbor Kelvin Williams told WXYZ. “They came up and asked us who was fighting. We were like, ‘You got the wrong house.’

“At that point, my friend Ray got a little agitated like ‘You’re coming over to my house, my property and you're asking me about something I don’t know about.’”

Williams told WXYZ he decided to record video on his cellphone.

In the video, officers told Brown he was going to be arrested. 

“Get the baby out of here. Get the baby out of here,” a Westland officer is heard saying. 

In the video, Skidmore attempted to take the child when Brown was tased, WXYZ reported.

“I had to catch the baby," Skidmore told the television station. "I was in the street talking with the cops. I had to come over. The Taser is on this side of him, and the baby is over here. As soon as they start Tasing him the baby flew out of his hands and I had to grab him, or he would have fell.”

Brown was arrested, WWJ reported. The baby was not injured, the radio station reported.

Trump taunts Brennan after revoking former CIA director's security clearance: 'He won’t sue!'

President Donald Trump on Monday dared John Brennan to sue him after the former CIA director told reporters he was considering legal action against the president over the decision to revoke Brennan’s security clearance.

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“I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit,” Trump wrote Monday morning in a tweet. “It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!”

The president said in a subsequent tweet that Brennan was being defended by people in the intelligence community and beyond because security clearances are “worth great prestige and big dollars” and “everybody wants to keep their Security Clearance.”

“It certainly isn’t because of the good job he did!” the president wrote. “He is a political ‘hack.’”

More than 200 former U.S. intelligence officials have signed letters condemning the decision to strip Brennan of his security clearance, Axios reported.

Brennan said Sunday in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he had been contacted by “a number of lawyers.”

>> Former CIA Director John Brennan: ‘I will not relent’

“They have already given me their thoughts about the basis for a complaint, an injunction to try to prevent him from doing this in the future,” Brennan said. “If my clearances and my reputation -- as I’m being pulled through the mud now -- if that’s the price we’re going to pay to prevent Donald Trump from doing this against other people, to me it’s a small price to pay. 

“I am going to do whatever I can personally to try to prevent these abuses in the future, and if it means going to court, I will, I will do that.”

Trump revoked Brennan’s security clearance last week. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited Brennan's "erratic conduct and behavior" as the reasoning behind the revocation and accused him of "lying" and "wild outbursts." 

>> Trump revokes former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance

Brennan has been critical of Trump, calling his performance at a joint press conference last month with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland "nothing short of treasonous." Last week, he accused the president of revoking his clearance as “part of a broader effort … to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics.”

“I will not relent,” he wrote.

>> Trump wants to revoke security clearances for ex-Obama intelligence officials, White House says

Huckabee Sanders said last week that officials continue to look at revoking the clearances of other former officials, including former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. 

Woman treads water for 10 hours after falling off cruise ship

A passenger on a cruise ship sailing the Adriatic Sea survived falling off the Norwegian Cruise Line ship and treading water for 10 hours.

Kay Longstaff, was a passenger from Britain and was taken to Croatia for medical treatment, the BBC reported

She is listed in stable condition, according to the cruise company, NBC News reported.

Longstaff, who is 46 years old, fell from the Norwegian Star about 59 miles from the Croatian coast just before midnight Saturday morning. She was pulled from the water Sunday morning, not far from where it was believed she fell overboard, CBS News reported.

She spoke to the country’s state television, HRT.

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“I fell off the back of the Norwegian Star and I was in the water for 10 hours, so these wonderful guys rescued me,” Longstaff told HRT.

Longstaff told The Sun that she was able to survive because she is fit from doing yoga and she sang to stop feeling the cold. 

The ship was on its way to Venice, the BBC reported.

Photos: Woman falls overboard, survives by treading water for 10 hours

A British woman fell overboard from a cruise ship, but was rescued. 

Man charged in theft of $192,800 from Alabama casino

A federal judge on Friday denied bond for one man and dismissed charges against another man accused of robbing $192,800 from an Alabama casino last week, the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

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Timothy Dean Pettiway and Jory D’Michael Travunn Dumas were arrested Tuesday after they were accused of stealing the money from two machines that were accessed when a employee at the Wind Creek Casino Montgomery left keys atop a kiosk Aug. 10. 

On Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gray Borden dismissed charges against Dumas, as security footage from multiple cameras presented by the U.S. Attorney’s Office showed that it was Pettiway -- and not Dumas, who is Pettiway’s nephew -- who had taken the keys, the Advertiser reported.

FBI Special Agent Matthew Minshew testified Friday that a casino employee checked out keys to kiosks 8 and 19. After speaking with another employee the woman walked away and left her keys on top of the machine, according to court testimony. 

A man who Minshew identified as Pettiway then retrieved the keys and took one cash box that contained $100 bills into a restroom, the Advertiser reported. He then walked to the other kiosk and did the same thing, the newspaper reported.

The employee who lost her keys reported them missing. After watching security cameras, authorities entered the restroom to find empty cash boxes in a handicapped stall. The boxes belonged to machines 8 and 19, the Advertiser reported

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians Nation, which owns the casino, declined to make a statement and referred questions to the FBI, the Advertiser reported.

The Eagles beat Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' with best selling album of all time

American rock band The Eagles now have the best-selling album of all time.

Beating out Michael Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller,” the Recording Industry Association of America told The Associated Press on Monday that The Eagles album “Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975),” was certified 38x platinum.

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The certification means that sales and streams of the 1976 compilation album have accounted for 38 million copies. “Thriller” is now second place at 33x platinum. The RIAA updated streams and sales for that album last year.

“We are grateful for our families, our management, our crew, the people at radio and, most of all, the loyal fans who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of 46 years. It’s been quite a ride,” founding member Don Henley said in a statement.

The RIAA started incorporating steaming from digital music services like Spotify and YouTube to certification in 2013. Ten song downloads is equal to one album sale and 1,500 streams of an album is equivalent to an album sale.

The Eagles also have the third highest-selling album of all time. The band’s 1977 record “Hotel California” is 26x platinum.

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