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Posted: 2:21 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This is how Bleachers made "I Wanna Get Better" 

By Joel

In my interview with Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers, he discussed an overview of his creative process - what makes music he's working on worthy of one band or the other, how "I Wanna Get Better" came together, etc.

Now Antonoff has gone one step further with this YouTube tutorial on exactly how the nuts and bolts of "I Wanna Get Better" came together. He also posted links to the original stems for use by fans. He's inviting anyone to download the audio and create their own remixes of "I Wanna Get Better" and send him the results.

And in case you forgot, fun. won Song Of The Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards for "We Are Young". So if you never thought you could get a music tutorial from an award winning songwriter, here's your chance!

Click here to download the stems for "I Wanna Get Better" and start remixing!

Bleachers' debut album Strange Desire arrives on July 15.


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