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Kayla Mueller

Report: American hostage passed on chance to escape

The American hostage who died in Syria earlier this year, Kayla Mueller, passed up a chance to try to escape out of concern for another Western hostage, according to a report in Foreign Policy.

19 mins ago  

Cat and cone of shame

Cat uses cone of shame as water fountain

File this under smart kitten videos. A cat wearing an Elizabethan collar, or cone of shame, was able to figure out how to use the veterinary device to slurp water from a kitchen faucet.

4:22 p.m.  

Rick Harrison/ Rubio birthday bash

"Pawn Star" throws his support behind presidential hopeful Marco Rubio

Cable television star Rick Harrison says he is fully behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and is supporting him in his bid for President.


Wakka Wakka: Pac-Man turns 35

Pac-Man has been eating pellets for 35 years. The video game celebrates its anniversary of its release in Japan on May 22, 1980.


Watch an alligator rip a bumper off a truck

It's no secret that alligators are fierce. But sometimes, we forget how fierce until watching this video of a gator ripping the bumper off a truck like it's made of cardboard.