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Coldplay, Ford Amphitheatre; 03.05.06

Struggling with Daylight Savings Time? Blame Chris Martin...

Are you having a hard time getting used to losing an hour to Daylight Savings Time this weekend? Take it up with Chris Martin from Coldplay...

I'm GLAD He Lost His Job!!

What happens when you're a tattoo artist who inks his DOG?! You get a one-way ticket to the unemployment line...

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What People Are Talking About

emaciated dogs

Pet owners left dogs in Florida home to starve, sheriff says

Investigators in Brevard County were looking for a pet owner Friday who they say left two dogs to die of dehydration and starvation in a Grant Valkaria home.


Twitter, Spotify among major websites down Friday morning

You may have had issues checking your Twitter feed Friday morning and you weren't alone. According to the website DownDetector.

Money, cash

Lucky couple finds suitcase full of cash in basement ceiling

Normally, money goes flowing out when an owner undertakes home renovations, but an Ohio couple had the opposite happen.

Missing child

Police say something doesn't add up after missing child found 9 hours later

Cries coming from a wooded area led neighbors Thursday to an 11-month-old boy who had been missing for more than nine hours, according to witnesses.

Daniel Winnik

Hockey player loses part of ear during game

Fans know hockey is a rough sport. Broken bones, missing teeth and cuts and bruises are all part of the game.