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Fall Out Boy Releases Mysterious Video Tease

Fall Out Boy IS UP TO SOMETHIN. The tweet came this morning, asking Chicago to “please silence your cell phones at 11 a.m. CST.” The video is also on Instagram and Facebook with a list of addresses. We can’t tell what they are teasing but it’s been over two years since the last album soooo maybe?! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11am CST — Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) April 21, 2017

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith on The Tonight Show

That one time we all realized that Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith and Will Ferrell are actually the same person. It’s INSANE how much they look alike!!!!! Enjoy this little snack and get ready to win tickets to SEE Red Hot Chili Peppers next Thursdayat 4:30p! We have bonus 5th row tickets on the free 97x app!

WATCH: Gorillaz Hold First Animated Live Interview

Ahead of the release of their next album Humanz on April 29th, Gorillaz have also released an app called The Lenz. The app basically allows users to see the world through the eyes of Gorillaz. You can point it at any magenta surface and your taken into a virtual portal to discover hidden Gorillaz content! TRIIPPPYYY. In order to discuss details on the album and introduce the app, 2d and Murdoc Niccals sat down for their first ever LIVE interview and it’s freakin’ brilliant!

10 Most Popular 4/20 Snacks

STOCK UP DUDES! Ya better hit the grocery store and grab these must have munchie snacks. created a list of the most popular 4/20 foods. Did your fav make it?  (dumb question they are all favs I know) 1.  Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. 2.  Sour Patch Kids. 3.  Swedish Fish. 4.  Cheez-Its. 5.  Haribo Gummy Bears. 6.  Nerds Rope.  Yes, that’s a bunch of Nerds candy made into a long stick. 7.  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 8.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 9.  Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough ice cream. 10.  Kit Kats. The info was gathered from an app-based delivery service found in 15 states. Because who can actually leave the couch on 4/20.

Paramore Drops Single ‘Hard Times’, Announce New Album

BEST WED-NES-DAY EVERRR! New music from Paramore and details on their upcoming album! Paramore dropped ‘Hard Times’ today, the first single from the album ‘After Laughter’ which will be out May 12th. This will be the fifth album for the band but the first since the return of original member drummer Zac Farro. The video for the song was also release today and the 80’s throwback MTV vibes are giving me ALL THE FEELS!!   Full track list for ‘After Laughter’: “Hard Times” “Rose-Colored Boy” “Told You So” “Forgiveness” “Fake Happy” “26” “Pool” “Grudges” “Caught in the Middle” “Idle Worship” “No Friend” “Tell Me How” Credit:

Josh Dun becomes ambassador to Hayley William’s goodDYEyoung brand

Two of our favs are WORKING TOGETHER??? Josh Dun and Hayley Williams DEFINITELY run the hair dye game and now it’s official! Josh will become an ambassador to Hayley’s brand of hair dye ‘goodDYEyoung’! As the website says it’s ‘a voice for anyone whose rebel spirit stands out, but might not always fit in. goodDYEyoung represents a youthful community bonded by self-expression, limitless inspiration and a flair for bold colors.” So you could probably see why Josh the decision ‘just made sense’. Wanna check it out? » [ goodDYEyoung x @joshuadun ]excited to officially welcome josh to our beautifully obnoxious family!#dyehappy #gooddyeyoung — goodDYEyoung (@gooddyeyoung) April 17, 2017

Hear Lorde Debut New Music At Coachella

Lorde used her headlining set at Coachella last night to debut some new music AND WE’RE SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT. ‘I told you this was Melodrama’ and ‘Homemade Dynamite’ were both in the set while another song ‘ Sober’ was performed at a small club show Friday. Her next album ‘Melodrama’ will drop this summer and it sounds like it’s gonna be AWESOME. Last night before performing ‘Homemade Dynamite’, she asked the crowd to give the song it’s “biggest f***ing birthday of all time.” Check it out!   We’ve got tons more pics from Coachella here if you feel like daydreamin’ a little on a Monday.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke

A wrestling match ensues, nakedness happens, and we learn that Anthony Kiedis has seen Cher naked. Most definitely worth watching. Win tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers next Thursday at Amalie Arena 4:30p today! Bonus chance for 5TH ROW tickets is on the free 97x App!  

Get to Know Your 97X BBQ Headliner, Grouplove!

Grouplove The infectiously quirky indie rock band hailing from Los Angeles, actually came to fruition on a chance summer spent in a Greece art residency in the late 2000s. You probably first head of them because of the hype from their first album, Never Trust A Happy Song, that included the smash hit tracks “Colours” and “Tongue Tied”. Since that debut album that put them on the map, they have recorded two more full length albums, including 2016’s Big Mess, which you should be expecting to hear plenty of at this year’s BBQ. Being new parents and growing into adulthood while in a band was the basis for much of the album. Lead singers Hannah Hooper and Christian Zuconi recently had their first child, Willa, and that has drastically changed their lives since forming Grouplove nearly 10 years ago. Now, let’s take a look back at some of their past 97X moments and get hyped for their first festival headlining gig in Tampa Bay! Geo talking to Grouplove before Next Big Thing: Start of Brightcove Player End of Brightcove Player Grouplove performing “Tongue Tied” in the 97X Green Room: Start of Brightcove Player End of Brightcove Player   Grouplove performing “Tongue Tied” at Next Big Thing 12: Start of Brightcove Player End of Brightcove Player  

The Last Yellowcard Video We Will Ever Get

Fresh off their world tour, Yellowcard has released their final music video ‘A Place We Set Afire’. The video is an emotional (and yes, I ugly cried) thank you and final goodbye to the fans before they split. In their words, “This song was inspired by and written for you.” #RIPYellowcard 1997-2017. WE’LL MISS YOU.  

Blink-182 Releases 35 Second Song ‘Can’t Get You More Pregnant’

Continuing their short song trend, blink-182 released this 35 second gem yesterday ‘Can’t Get You  More Pregnant’. It’s kinda like a tasty appetizer for their juicy deluxe edition of the 2016 album ‘California’ being released May 19th. The song is being offered as a free download on their site if you wanna snack on it more –

Brendon Urie’s Epic Vines

When Vine was still a thing, Brendon Urie was THE BEST at it. Win tickets to see Panic! At The Disco AND MEET BRENDON at noon and 4:30p this week!

Drunk History: Brendon Urie on Fall Out Boy

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?? “and Pete was like ‘makeup is f***ing great for a guy…'” *Throws up* Brendon Urie is the best. Ever. Wanna meet him? (Like I need to ask) Tickets and Meet and Greet passes to see Panic! At the Disco this Friday at the Amway Center happen at noon and 4:30pm all week long!! – Sam

The 1975’s New Album is Going to be Called…. Music For Cars?

Matty Healy has a knack for leaking information about his band, The 1975, on Twitter, and today was no different. One look at this tweet and it appears their next album will potentially be titled, Music For Cars…. NOW I will retreat from the world to make Music For Cars. Please keep informing me. I learn so much from our fans and I value you so much x — matty (@Truman_Black) April 4, 2017 He was very active on Twitter today, engaging in several conversations as well as saying they are putting out a new vinyl later this year. Is that a reference to their new album be released later this year? Or a re-release of I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It? We're putting out a new vinyl this year — matty (@Truman_Black) April 5, 2017 I guess we’ll just stay tuned….?    

Bleachers Release New Song “Don’t Take the Money” featuring Lorde

It would be difficult to sum up Jack Antonoff’s career, style, or legacy in a just one word. Most people don’t realize how much unique talent the quirky front man of Bleachers has up his sleeve. When he’s not writing and producing music for Bleachers, the New Jersey bread indie pop band, you can find him working with pop superstars like Taylor Swift, Zayn, and Lorde, or hanging out in his Brooklyn apartment/ studio lined with animal print wallpaper (to recreate his childhood bedroom), JFK memorabilia,1990’s baseball card collection, and anything Bruce Springsteen. The sense of isolation and hopelessness that growing up in the shadows of New York City brought bout is palpable in most of Antonoff’s songs. So is his obsession with Springsteen and punk rock, two staples of growing up in New Jersey in the 90’s. Oh, and if he doesn’t sound interesting enough already, don’t forget he has a Grammy win under his belt for his work with the incredibly successful alt rock band, Fun. Here’s a throwback to a 97x Green Room performance from Fun back in 2012. Jack Antonoff is the guitar player on the right (stage left). Start of Brightcove Player End of Brightcove Player   The newest album from Bleachers is expected to be due out at some point this year, and we just inched a bit closer to that after they released the first single, title “Don’t Take the Money” from that yet to be announced album. The song features backing vocals from Lorde who co-wrote the song with Antonoff. They released the song in perhaps the coolest way ever. A piñata effigy of Antonoff was left in NYC’s Union Square. Fans bashed open the piñata to find USB drives with the song. Watch that go down and listen to the song below. Rip @jackantonoff. — Christopher Allen (@chr15a113n) March 30, 2017  

Blink 182 Release New Song “Misery” off of Deluxe Edition of California

  The new song, “Misery”, is the latest track released from the band’s forthcoming deluxe edition of California. The deluxe edition is due out May 19th and will have 11 new songs. That’s essentially an entire new album! Blink 182 is currently on tour with recent Next Big Thing alums, The Naked and Famous. They won’t be coming through town on this leg, but they will be close with Florida dates including Orlando, Tallahassee, and Pensacola. Despite the departure of alien obsessed Tom DeLonge, Blink 182 is firing on all cylinders following the successful release of California last year.    

Twenty One Pilots Announce 3 Suprise Hometown Shows, Tell Ticket Scalpers to Get Lost

If you’ve seen Twenty One Pilots in the past couple of years, you may have been at the mercy of ticket scalpers trying to screw you over for an extra $100 or so. I can tell that I sure have. I don’t want to tell you what I paid for a ticket to their St. Augustine show last year, but I will tell you that I wasn’t going to let some lame ticket scalper prevent me from seeing a great show, so I sucked it up. After announcing 3 surprise hometown shows dubbed as the “Tour de Columbus”, Twenty One Pilots have decided to fight the scalpers. Two of the three venues are incredibly small, with the first show taking place at The Basement (300 capacity) and the second being at Newport Music Hall (1,600 capacity). The final show on June 22nd at Express Live! will be more similar to their current arena shows, but nonetheless all three shows are sure to be very special. If you’re interested in going, you must register here: Watch the promotional video below that explains the process to obtain a ticket.     And if you haven’t seen this video yet, then please watch it now. I can’t even….      

A Day to Remember Honored, Presented With Keys to the City in Their Hometown of Ocala

A very special day for Ocala born and bread rockers, A Day to Remember was presented with the keys to the city by Mayor Kent Guinn last Saturday just before performing a full set in front of a well represented local crowd. Mayor Guinn came equipped with the puns boasting, “It’s a real honor, I’m so proud of these young men and they’ve made Ocala proud. I’m proud to have them here tonight. Tonight is truly a day to remember in Ocala.” Lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon couldn’t be more thankful of Ocala for shaping him and the band into what they are today. “We used to play in our parents’ garages and we’d get the cops called on us all the time because we were making too much noise. Those cops are here somewhere, thanks for letting us keep playing … If you live here or if you’re from here, support local music. That’s the only reason this band exists,” McKinnon explained. Check out the 19 song set list below. They fittingly threw in the song “City of Ocala”,  the first time they’ve played it live since 2015. Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End Paranoia 2nd Sucks Right Back at It Again I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? It’s Complicated We Got This City of Ocala (First time live since 2015) Bad Vibrations Exposed Have Faith in Me Justified Homesick Naivety All I Want The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle Encore: If It Means a Lot to You All Signs Point to Lauderdale The Downfall of Us All    
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