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April the giraffe's calf is 2 weeks old and adorable

It has been two weeks since April the giraffe gave birth to a male calf, in a much-anticipated event that captured people's hearts from around the world.

Animal Adventure Park posted a brief update Saturday on their Facebook page. One of the zoo's giraffe keepers is seen nuzzling the calf. The post said April's baby is thriving and growing.

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This is the last weekend to participate in the naming contest for the famous giraffe baby.

For those suffering from April the giraffe live cam withdrawals, good news: There will be a live stream every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., according to a zoo Facebook post.

Girl scalped by carnival ride shares inspirational message

It has almost been one year since Elizabeth "Lulu" Gilbreath suffered a horrific injury while on a carnival ride in Nebraska.

Gilbreath, then 11, was enjoying her first carnival ride during a Cinco de Mayo festival when her hair became caught in the ride's machinery and her scalp was ripped off.

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The freak accident was met with an outpouring of sympathy from around the world.

Gilbreath spoke to WOWT Wednesday and discussed how her recovery is going. 

Since the accident, Gilbreath has endured two head surgeries, a surgery on her eye, three skin grafts and almost 30 blood transfusions. She's now dealing with a staph or MRSA infection. Some good news: Her beloved curly red hair is growing back on one side of her head.

While Gilbreath faces more surgeries and likely permanent scarring, she told WOWT, “My scars don't define me. Nobody's scars should define them." 

The family says they have two pending lawsuits.

8-month-old gets liver transplant from godmother

He’s known as “Finn the Mighty Warrior” on a Facebook page devoted to him, and this 8-month old fighter continues to battle against two rare liver conditions.

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But Finn O’Sullivan won’t have to fight alone. The infant, in need of a transplant, found a match — not from a relative, but from his godmother, ABC News reported. 

Sarah McKitterick, the child’s liver donor, said he is "the strongest person she'd ever met."

His body's strength, in fact, has been returning since he received 15 percent of McKitterick's liver on April 18, ABC News reported.

"The first time I saw him [after the transplant], I saw the whites of his eyes, something I had never seen before. He has been so ill, so yellow," McKitterick said. 

Donating part of her liver to Finn was "an honor and a privilege," McKitterick told ABC News. 

"I knew I was the one," she told ABC News. That’s what she told lifelong friend, Kate Mullen, who is Finn's mother.

"She was steadfast from the beginning that it was her," said Mullen, who lives with her family in New York. "I'm so humbled by what she did."

The infant has both biliary atresia and Alpha-1 liver conditions. The first is a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants, while the second is a genetic defect that can cause liver disease, ABC News reported.

Dr. Adam Griesemer, one of Finn’s transplant surgeons and the assistant attending physician at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, told ABC News that Finn's dual conditions are "pretty unusual" and that this is the first time he saw a child with this combination of issues.

Finding Finn a match for a liver transplant was "exceedingly crucial," Griesemer told ABC News. "He would not have lived for long.”

Young ballet dancers meet idol Misty Copeland

A group of young ballerinas from a Chicago dance troupe received a thrill of a lifetime when they appeared on Steve Harvey’s talk show Friday, the Huffington Post reported.

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The ballerinas from the Mayfair Performance Company on Chicago’s south side were surprised and delighted when Harvey introduced the dancers to their role model — ballet star Misty Copeland.

Copeland has broken barriers in ballet, becoming the only black dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in New York. Copeland, 34, joined the group when she was 17.

In 2015, Copeland broke another barrier as she was declared a principal in the American Ballet Theatre, becoming the first becoming the first black female principal in its 75-year history, the Huffington Post reported. Copeland has written a children’s book and memoir and has spoken extensively about her mission to diversify the ballet landscape for future generations. 

“You know one day, if you study this long enough,” Harvey told the Mayfair dancers during his show, “one day you could meet her. One day you could be her. Wouldn’t that be exciting?”

He then asked the ballet dancers to turn around, and they screamed when Copeland entered the stage, the Huffington Post reported.

The Mayfair girls then showed Copeland their own skills on the show, performing a dance routine.

Kindhearted cops give homeless man makeover

A police department’s act of kindness for a New York man who they say has been “down on his luck” is going viral.

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The Rome Police Department on Tuesday shared photos of the man, whom they identified as Bobby, before and after he was given a haircut, a shave, a shower and new clothing.

“Bobby left looking like a whole new person and couldn’t thank us enough,” police said in a Facebook post.

Rome police Officer Jeff Buckley told WSTM that his fellow officer, Aaron Page, spoke with Bobby on Monday and realized that he could use some help.

"It was obvious he needed some simple things clothing-wise," Buckley told the news station. "He literally had just the clothes he was wearing."

Page told Bobby to come the next day to the station, where he was met by Page, Buckly, Officer George Gebo and Sgt. Frank Fragapane, WSTM reported. The group had gathered donated clothing for Bobby and Page brought along a pair of clippers to cut down the thick growth of his beard and hair.

"We are always trying to come up with new ideas of how to help and give back to our community," Buckley told WSTM. "Officer Page spearheaded the idea on this one, and it was a great way to help someone who simply needed a hand."

The police department’s efforts spread quickly on social media. The post had garnered more than 22,000 likes and reactions and had been shared nearly 10,000 times by Friday afternoon.

Man says pizza box changed his outlook on life

A New York man said a free pizza saved his life.

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Dennis Kust, 59, lost his wife last month after a long battle with cancer.

He admitted that he was struggling with depression when he walked into Albert’s Pizza in Ronkonkoma, New York, CBS New York reported.

He received a free pizza as part of a “pay it forward with pizza” campaign.

Kind customers had stepped forward to pay for pizzas for police officers, single mothers and people like Kust who are struggling.

When Kust opened up the pizza box from an anonymous donor, he found, written in colorful letters, a message that read “Stay strong.”

It’s the same message that he heard his wife say every day before she died.

“The last month of my wife’s life, she kept telling me, ‘You have to be strong, you have to be strong,’” Kust told CBS New York.

Kust said the pizza box’s message convinced him that his wife was still with him.

He went back to the store later to thank the owners and to give them a handwritten letter explaining how much the simple act of kindness meant.

“You don’t know me, but on March 25th, you turned my life around,” the letter read.

Rich Baer, co-owner of Albert’s, said he has read the letter dozens of times, and it always brings him to tears.

“When you do something nice, it works. You see somebody benefit,” Baer told CBS New York.

Kust also stepped up to anonymously buy a pie for someone else.

It’s unclear how the pizza restaurant knew that Kust was going through a tough time, but the action affected him in an important way.

“I’d like to somehow thank the people who bought it for me and let them know they saved my life,” he told CBS.

The pay it forward pizza movement is growing rapidly, with  dozens of customers buying pizzas for others. Like Kust, most are donating anonymously.

Victim’s family reunites killer with daughter, granddaughter before execution

An Arkansas murderer executed Thursday night saw his daughter for the first time in 17 years and met his 3-year-old granddaughter before he died, thanks to the family of one of his victims. 

Kenneth Williams’ 21-year-old daughter, Jasmine Johnson, and her young daughter traveled to Varner Supermax, in Grady, using plane tickets purchased for them by the family of Michael Greenwood, whom Williams killed in a 1999 car crash that occurred after Williams escaped from prison. 

Greenwood left behind a 5-year-old daughter, Kayla Greenwood, and a wife pregnant with twin boys, according to the Springfield News-Leader

Kayla Greenwood told the newspaper that she learned just days before the execution that Williams had a daughter who had not seen him since she was a toddler, and that Johnson had a young daughter of her own. She got Johnson’s name and phone number from Williams’ attorney and called her. 

Greenwood’s mother bought the plane tickets so the pair could travel from Washington to Little Rock. The Greenwood family picked them up on Wednesday and drove them to the prison.

“We both cried,” Kayla Greenwood told the News-Leader. “We had a lot to talk about and a lot to relate to. We are just excited (about) being able to be there for each other.”

Greenwood, who has two young sons herself, also emailed a message to Williams through the attorney.

“I told him we forgive him and where I stood on it,” she said Wednesday before leaving her Springfield home for the prison. “(Johnson) said that when the warden read the email to him, he broke out in tears.”

“When he found out that we are bringing his daughter and granddaughter to see him, and that my mom and dad bought the tickets, he was crying to the attorney,” Greenwood said. 

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After Johnson’s visit with her father, Greenwood told the News-Leader that it went well.

“It went amazing,” Greenwood told the newspaper in a message. “She loved her visit. He was so thankful for the visit and told her that, every day, he thinks about us and how sorry he is that he robbed us of more than he can understand.”

Greenwood said Williams, who turned to God in prison, ministered to other inmates during his incarceration. 

The Greenwood family was not able to see Williams before his death, but Williams addressed the pain he caused his victims and their families in his final words. 

“I was more than wrong. The crimes I perpetrated against you all was senseless,” Williams said, according to KATV in Little Rock.  

Williams was serving a life sentence for the 1998 kidnapping and murder of University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff cheerleader Dominique Hurd, but he escaped just three weeks after his 1999 conviction. Williams hid in a container of pig slop being taken from the prison kitchen to a prison farm outside the main gates, the News-Leader reported

Once outside the gates, he walked to a nearby farm, where he killed the farmer, Cecil Boren, and stole Boren’s truck. reported that Williams dragged Boren outside and shot him six times while his wife was at church. 

He was fleeing police the next day when he crashed into Michael Greenwood’s water delivery truck, killing him instantly. 

While Greenwood’s family forgave Williams and asked the state to spare his life, Boren’s family sought to have the execution move forward. 

“We’ve been waiting a long, long time for this,” Boren’s widow, Genie Boren, told “He did a wrong. His jury of peers gave him a death sentence. People have to be punished for the things they’ve done.”

KATV reported that Williams also confessed in a prison letter to a Pine Bluff newspaper that he killed a fourth person, Jerrell Jenkins, the same night he killed Hurd in 1998. 

Williams was the fourth Arkansas death row inmate to die in eight days as the state rushed to use its supply of midazolam, the first of three drugs used in Arkansas’ lethal injection, before its April 30 expiration date. He was pronounced dead at 11:05 p.m. Thursday, 13 minutes after the first injection was administered, according to KATV.

Teen plans storybook photo shoot for little sister

An Ohio teen had a fairy tale plan to make his little sister’s dreams come true.

Christina Angel said her 13-year-old son wanted to do something special for his 5-year-old little sister, who is also his biggest supporter, WLS reported.

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Angel’s son suffers from depression and he wanted to do something to thank his sister for the support that she gives him.

He asked Angel to get him a Prince Charming costume, and his sister a Snow White dress for a special brother and sister photo shoot.

Angel, who is a photographer, took the photos and said that her daughter loved being the princess and that the photos show that the girl’s big brother is her “favorite boy in the world,” WLS reported.

Love me tenders: Woman takes chicken engagement photos

Picture it: Wings, a prayer and an engagement. Love me tender, she said. Or was that tenders?

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Elyse Chelsea Clark said yes to a box of Popeyes fried chicken. “Finally engaged!!” the New Orleans woman announced as she posted a gallery of photos to Facebook on April 26, reported. “I never thought in a million years someone would love me this much.”

Clark, a bartender who works on Bourbon Street, had a photo shoot conducted as if they were an engagement compilation. She stares lovingly at boxes of chicken, walks through a park (box of chicken in hand), and nuzzles a biscuit.

The photos were credited to Whitney Tucker of Whitness This Photography. Clark credited Tucker with the photo shoot idea.

“I have a really big love for Popeyes,” she told “I eat it all the time. ... I took a photo of me eating a hamburger and got a bunch of likes, and my friend, Whitney, messaged me with the idea and we went from there.”

Clark said she joked that she might get a response, but she was surprised by the sheet number.

“I had no idea it would be this big," she told “It's blowing up very fast. Very fast.” 

Clark admitted she hoped Popeyes would see the gallery and respond. She was not disappointed as the company reacted on Twitter.

“Hold my biscuit, we’ve got some vows to write,” Popeyes tweeted.

Stranger pays for disabled woman's groceries

A woman who recently moved to an Iowa town experienced the generosity of locals firsthand.Jill Zimmerman, 35, told The Des Moines Register that she moved to Bettendorf at the beginning of April. She was grocery shopping at Hy-Vee on April 18 when she realized at the checkout stand that she had forgotten her electronic benefit transfer, or EBT card. Zimmerman didn't have any other way to pay for her groceries.The store manager offered to hold her groceries for her while she returned home to retrieve her EBT card but Zimmerman said she probably wouldn't be able to make it back, as she is disabled and has mobility issues. She took the bus to the store.

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That's when Marsha White, 59, stepped in to assist. She was behind Zimmerman in line and asked if she could pay for Zimmerman's groceries. At first Zimmerman resisted, but once she realized that White was genuine and sincere in her compassionate offer, she accepted. Zimmerman hugged White and thanked her for buying the groceries.White told The Des Moines Register that she had two friends who were dealing with health issues who received good news recently, so she wanted to pay it forward by helping out Zimmerman.Reports of the random act of kindness have gone viral on social media, inspiring others to share their stories.

101-year-old woman wins 100-meter dash at World Masters Games

She came. She ran. She conquered. 

A 101-year-old woman from India won gold in the 100-meter dash at the World Masters Games in New Zealand.

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Man Kaur may have been the only athlete competing in her age division in the race, but she finished in 74 seconds. Not bad for someone who only started running at 96, according to Sports Illustrated.

The World Masters Games are held every four years by the International Masters Game Association for athletes over 30, in middle age and seniors, according to the organization’s website.

The next games are scheduled in Japan’s Kansai region in 2021, when some 50,000 athletes are expected to participate.


Dad learns to walk again for his daughters' sake after doctors said he was paralyzed

Seven months after doctors told him he’d never be able to use his legs again, a man stood up and walked out of a rehabilitation center with his two young daughters at his side.

Cole Thomas, of Rochelle, Illinois, told “Today” that he shattered a vertebra in a September 2016 car crash.

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“I realized I was hurt very badly,” the 34-year-old father of two said. “I looked down at my legs, and I couldn’t feel them, and I was like, ‘Oh, boy.'”

He later learned he shattered his L2 vertebra and had pieces of it embedded in his spinal cord. Doctors told him he was paralyzed from the waist down.

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Determined to walk his young daughters down the aisle someday, Thomas posted a video to Facebook from his hospital bed.

“They told me I will never walk again. I’m bound and determined to prove them wrong,” he said in the video.

He asked people for help connecting him to resources to help him learn how to walk. A relative reached out with information about the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago.

He started therapy just eight days after the accident.

After months of hard work and determination, Thomas walked out of the rehabilitation center on Friday with his daughters by his side.

“I know I was going to have to give rehab and therapy 110 percent, just like I did my job. I have to walk again no matter what,” Thomas told “Today.” “I have to be the best I could be.”

Passerby rescues 5-year-old from lake

A truck swerved into an Oklahoma lake on Wednesday to avoid a car that ran a stop sign.

Police in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, responded to the area Wednesday morning after a woman’s truck was reported in the water. 

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The woman, whose 5-year-old grandson was in her vehicle, was trying to avoid another driver when her vehicle plunged into Sahoma Lake.

She got out on her own, and a family passing by stopped to help. 

A man jumped out of a passing car and pulled the 5-year-old out of the lake. 

KOKI-TV was at the scene when the 5-year-old’s mother arrived. 

“I was devastated and screaming and crying,” she said. “I didn’t know if they were really OK or not.”

She said she was grateful for the family's help. 

“It’s a good thing those people were here, because I don’t think she would have been able to get him out as fast as they did,” she said.

The child’s grandmother went to the hospital with some health issues. The child was not injured. 

Police officers step in when dad can’t make father/daughter dance

Two sisters are thanking their local police officers for saving the day when their dad couldn’t make it to the daddy-daughter dance.

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“I got to finally go to the dance that I really wanted to go to instead of just me and my mom,” 10-year-old Haley Olsen of Phoenix, Arizona told KNXV.

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Olsen’s dad couldn’t make it at the sat minute because of work.

“My husband wasn’t able to come and I don’t have a lot of positive male role models in my life, so I thought, ‘Why not police officers?!'” said mom Laura Castaneda.

Four officers went above and beyond to make the night magical for the sisters.

“My and my police officer created a giant circle of the cha-cha-cha and it was super fun!” Haley said with a big smile.

Their mom can’t thank the officers enough.

“I will forever be grateful and my girls will have this memory for the rest of their lives, so I can’t thank them enough,” said Castaneda.

Family re-creates Blockbuster for autistic son heartbroken over store’s closure

A Texas family went the extra mile for their son with autism, recreating his favorite Blockbuster store at their home after the store shut its doors.

The Zuniga family’s gesture for their 20-year-old son, Hector Andres Zuniga, went viral this week after his brother, Javier Zuniga, posted photos of the surprise for his older brother on Twitter.

“My autistic brother was sad that Blockbuster was closing down,” Javier Zuniga, 19, wrote. “So my parents made a mini one at home for him!”

The photos showed Hector Andres’ father, also named Hector Zuniga, showing him the shelves, complete with Blockbuster signs, that the family bought from the Sharyland, Texas, store as it sold off its inventory. The shelves were full of Hector Andres’ favorite titles, from Elmo and Barney to Rugrats and Blue’s Clues. 

Blockbuster, which went bankrupt and closed nearly all of its stores in 2013, has just 12 stores left in the U.S., nine of them in Alaska. The rest are in Texas, according to the New York Post

Hector Zuniga told The Huffington Post that his son would go to the store at least twice a week to rent movies and buy snacks. The staff, who waited on him since he was 13, knew him well. 

They also knew how hard he would take the news of the store’s closure. They pulled Hector Andres’ mother, Rosa Zuniga, aside a few months ago and broke the news to her. 

She called her husband, who knew immediately that it would take some finesse to explain the closure to their son. 

“(He) is a happy-go-lucky kid. He’s all heart, he’s very tender, but like anyone else, he has bad days,” Hector Zuniga said. “And we knew one of those bad days was around the corner when we found out that the Blockbuster was about to close.”

It was during that phone call that the parents hatched their plan to ease the change in their son’s routine. 

“The employees told us when they’d start selling their stock, and when they did, I was one of the first customers in the store,” Hector Zuniga told The Huffington Post

The family secretly bought everything they would need to set up Hector Andres’ own private Blockbuster. Employees of the store helped by setting aside anything they knew that he would like. 

When the store closed its doors over the weekend, the family was there with Hector Andres to help him understand that he would no longer be able to rent movies there. He predictably got upset, but his father told him not to worry, that there was a surprise waiting for him at home.

While Hector Andres worked on a puzzle, his father and brother set up his new at-home Blockbuster. When he finally saw it for himself, his father said, “His eyes were as big as saucers.”

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The joy on his face was captured in the photos Javier Zuniga shared on Twitter. The tweet immediately took off and, by Wednesday morning, had been retweeted more than 32,000 times. People were amazed by the steps the family took to make Hector Andres happy.

“Please tell your parents how incredible they are, and thank you so much for documenting this beautiful moment,” one woman wrote. 

“Your parents are absolutely amazing for this,” another stated. 

Many people said the tweet made them cry. Some shared other popular memes to express how emotional the Zuniga family’s story made them. 

 “Pfft, you gotta con … *clears throat* control your … *clears throat again* just leave me alone, I stubbed my tow (sic) on these emotions,” one man wrote. 

The family said the gesture was “a hit” with Hector Andres, who grabbed several DVDs off of the shelves and ran to his room to watch them. But not before thanking his father.

“His way of saying, ‘I love you,’ is by going up to you and grabbing your earlobe,” Hector Zuniga told The Huffington Post. “So he came up to me and grabbed my ear. It was one of those moments that us parents live for.”

Starbucks opens 5 'Military Family Stores' for vets and military spouses

Starbucks is working to increase employment opportunities for service members and their families through its “Military Family Stores” initiative.

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On Tuesday, the coffee chain’s Clarksville, Tennessee, location became the 37th store designated as a Military Family Store, meaning that it’s now staffed primarily by veterans and military spouses.

“Seventy-five percent of my business is the military,” store manager and military spouse Shannon Feltz, 47, told Fox News. “We are so excited about this announcement. I’ve never felt so supported by a company in my life.”

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In addition to the Clarksville location, Starbucks unveiled four other Military Family Stores on Tuesday, including two in Texas serving Camp Mabry in Austin and Ft. Bliss in El Paso, one serving Naval War College in Rhode Island and one in Massachusetts near Joint Base Hanscom. The stores are part of the coffee chain’s efforts to provide jobs to veterans and military spouses while also serving as a place for service members to come together, connect and share stories. The company has pledged to hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025 and currently employs more than 10,000.

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“Service members and military spouses are the best example of engaged citizens.” Starbucks senior vice president John Kelly said in a statement. “Long after leaving active duty, they continue to vote, volunteer and serve their communities at a high rate, serving as the best examples of citizenship. We are honored to serve as a place where these American heroes can continue to impact their community in a positive way.”

Matt Kress, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq and now manages the veterans and military affairs program for Starbucks, remembered the “frightening period” when he transitioned from active duty life to civilian life.

“Some of our veterans are only with us for a year, while others are here longer,” Kress told Fox News. “This is their landing spot to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their life.”

Read more at Starbucks Newsroom.

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Firefighters teach honest 5-year-old an important lesson in good karma

A fire department is teaching a 5-year-old boy that good things happen to people who do the right thing.

Earlier this year, Dave Starzec lost his wallet. He was finishing a trip to a Lowe's hardware store in Greer, S.C., when he set his alligator-skin wallet down on the bumper of his car. Inside the wallet was $2,000.

>> Watch the video here

“I was carrying my wallet so close to my heart, and I put it down for one second on my bumper to pick up a bale of mulch,” Starzec told ABC News. “I normally don’t leave things like that so important lying around.”

He didn’t realize his mistake until he got home. He immediately retraced his steps but had no luck.

“I had everything but my wife in my wallet,” Starzec told Greenville Online. “This wallet meant more to me than just the money.”

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On his way home, he stopped by a fire station to make sure no one had turned in his lost wallet.

Capt. Benjamin Farmer took Starzec’s card and told him he would follow up if he found out any new information about his missing wallet.

“I was in the middle of cancelling my American Express when my phone rang, and it was the fire department,” said Starzec.

A family had found Starzec’s wallet in a parking lot. Farmer saw the family’s post in a local Facebook group and quickly connected the two.

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Miranda Clayton; her 5-year-old son, Dylan; and her mother-in-law, Peggy Lynn, found the wallet together.

Starzec was relieved to have the wallet back in his hands

To thank them for their honesty, Starzec organized a luncheon for the firefighters and the family.

The family received good citizen plaques. Starzec even gave them a $200 reward.

“They did the right thing, and we figured they needed an award for it,” he added. “We wanted to show the child, too, that if you’re going to be honest in the world, there’s good things that come to you.”

Mother-to-be loses everything in fire, firefighters come to her rescue

An expectant mother  was devastated when a fire destroyed her Lauderhill, Florida, apartment, along with baby shower gifts that she needed to welcome her baby girl, but, thanks to her local fire department, she has a new home and everything she needs to welcome her baby.

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WSVN reported that firefighters with the Lauderhill Fire Department in Florida surprised Nicola Taylor with a baby shower Wednesday.

“God is amazing,” Taylor told WSVN. “This is more stuff that I had. Thank you.”

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The firefighters also presented the family with a brand-new apartment.

Taylor is due in just a few weeks. The firefighters said they wanted to help her in whatever way possible.

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“Having a family myself-- I have two young kids -- and going through that whole process of having a baby shower, having the babies, it hit home,” B.J. Smith, a Lauderhill firefighter, said.

Grandfather Glenton Daley was moved to tears by the fire department’s act of kindness.

“All I had on my back was my shirt and one pants,” Daley said. “I really appreciate what everybody has done for me.”

Biracial twins who went viral celebrate milestone

Twins who stole hearts across the internet are celebrating their first birthday.

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Kalani and Jarani Dean are twins, but look very different. Kalani has light skin and blue eyes like her mother, while Jarani has darker skin and brown eyes like her father.

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The girls celebrated their first year with a castle-shaped cake complete with two princesses.

Their mother, Whitney Meyer, told “Inside Edition” that the girls have very different personalities. Kelani is active, while Jarani is more laid back.

Woman with Down syndrome competes in Miss USA state pageant

A woman with Down syndrome is shattering all precedents and is set to compete for the title of Miss Minnesota. According to KARE, she is believed to be the first person in the country to compete in a Miss USA state pageant.

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Mikayla Holmgren, 22, of Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, has never let Down syndrome stop her from doing what she loves.

She applied online to be a part of the Miss Minnesota pageant and was accepted.

“I want to do this. My mom is so freaked out, but I want to do this,” Holmgren told KARE.

Holmgren is no stranger to the spotlight. She previously won the title of Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing in 2015. She has also been dancing for years.

In the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, she will be judged on the evening gown, swimsuit and interview categories.

“I want the world to know that Down syndrome does not define me. With your help, I can help break through walls,” a GoFundMe page for Holmgren reads. According to the account’s page, the funds will go toward the costs associated with the competition.

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