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The internet is arguing about how to take eggs out of the carton

A Twitter debate was sparked of something else ridiculously stupid this week. What’s the best way to remove eggs from the carton?

There are four main arguments on this. Remove the eggs from right to left, remove them left to right, alternate sides to keep it balances, or do something weird and random like grabbing from the middle.

Honestly, I have no idea how I remove eggs from the carton as such an argument would never be allowed to take up valuable space in my brain. But feel free to weigh in.

Hey OCD folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right? — Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) February 3, 2018 Left to right, then I break off left half the carton when left side is empty. — Kim Ann (@ATLSAHM) February 3, 2018 Both sides so the center is balanced. There's no other logical way. — tonycorrao (@tonycorrao) February 3, 2018 Alphabetically. — Todd Hartmann (@toddhisattva) February 3, 2018 Interesting. I open the carton as if it's a book, and use eggs from the bottom to the top. It never occurred to me to open the carton as pictured above. — Katharine Mottley (@Katharine_DC) February 5, 2018 I empty it evenly from either side so that when I take it out of the fridge, it doesn’t open up and spill eggs. — Colonel Potter (@colonel_potter) February 3, 2018

There is actually an old math video online that explains what should be the best way.

Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, Brendon Urie of PATD, and All Time Low were hanging out together

So many favorites in one picture!! Jack Barakat of All Time Low tweeted a photo of the ‘Fueled By Fam’. Yes. That’s Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, and All Time Low ALL HANGING OUT TOGETHER.

There is no groundbreaking story behind this pic. Other than it was obviously a Fueled By Ramen gathering. We are just dying over so many amazing people in one picture.

All Time Low head on tour this spring in support their latest album  Last Young Renegade, and hopefully 2018 will be the year of more Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots!

Fueled By Fam — Jack Barakat (@JackAllTimeLow) February 6, 2018


WATCH: Paramore drop new video for ‘Rose-Colored Boy’

Paramore have debuted an awesome new music video for another song of 2017’s After Laughter, ‘Rose-Colored Boy’.

The video has an Anchorman/80’s morning news vibe and definitely does not disappoint. What do you think?!

See the bizarre list of things banned at a Foo Fighters show

Perhaps it’s because so many bands take themselves too seriously, or maybe Foo Fighters just like having fun at their shows? Whatever the reason, we are absolutely loving the hilarious list of prohibited items fans were greeted with at a Foo Fighters show. This post was made by Radio Hauraki on Facebook before the show at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

Of course the usual things make the list, glass containers, food, air horns, etc. But then it gets really interesting. Here’s just a few:

‘Unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest’

‘Homemade nut milks’

‘Any pencil that isn’t #2’

‘Cream magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent’

They are so great and it honestly makes us love Foo Fighters even more.

Foo Fighters will be in Tampa with the Concrete &amp; Gold tour on April 25th at the Ampitheatre. Win tickets now on the free 97x app!

Justin Timberlake explains his Prince tribute during the halftime show

We all know that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have somewhat of a bromance going on so it was only appropriate that his show was his first post-Superbowl stop.

The halftime show as a whole has gotten very mixed reviews (well, not according to Jimmy), but it’s his Prince dedication that has come under the most scrutiny.

When asked about it on the show, this was his response:

It’s a moment for me if I’m being quite honest because he’s always been the pinnacle of musicianship for me. And when we decided that the serendipity and the synergy that would be in Minneapolis, and that he’s such a special thing here aside from what he is all over the world, I just felt like I wanted to do something for this city and something for him that would just be the ultimate homage to what I consider the G.O.A.T. of musicians.

Good answer I suppose, but you can tell he’s nervous.


Should we close Bayshore Boulevard on Sundays?

(Getty Images)

Fox 13 is reporting that a new concept called Open Streets is being proposed by Tampa City Council for Bayshore Blvd in Tampa.

Although some argue it would be a traffic nightmare, the concept would close the street to cars and make it a completely pedestrian-friendly walkway once a month. About 500 cities across the country have adopted similar concepts once a week. Should Tampa be next? Is there a street or city that would be better for it? St. Pete?

Read the full story from Fox 13 here.

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